TAMHSS – Transforming Australia’s Mental Health Services Incorporated

TAMHSS Network recognises the cultural diversity of the many Australian communities, and the importance of engaging them in awareness of their own mental health and prevention and early intervention of mental illness, related stigma and discrimination.We also recognise the many special needs for services to deal with complex disorders.

The Objectives of the Transforming Australian Mental Health Service Systems (TAMHSS) Network are to:

  1. Provide a means for the Australian Community to become involved in the transformation of our mental health service systems.
  2. Promote the rights of all consumers and families to receive services they need.
  3. Promote a wide and consistent range of high quality mental health services across all age groups and throughout the country.
  4. Promote interventions which are based on best practice as determined by both quantitative and qualitative evidence.
  5. Promote a service delivery system that is integrated at every level including participation of all service sectors (public, private & NGO).
  6. Promote the right of equity of access to all.
  7. Promote a regional funding system and methodologies that provide adequate quality, control of both budget and expenditure, and transparent accountably, all of which should be independently monitored.
  8. Promote recovery-oriented service systems which focus on the goals of social inclusion and citizenship.

How did TAMHSS originate?

At the 2009 TheMHS Conference in Perth on Thursday 3 September 2009 the TAMHSS Network (Transforming Australia’s Mental Health Service Systems Network) held a Breakfast Meetingl. Forty eight people attended the long awaited launch of the network and by conference end 16 people had become foundation members of TAMHSS.

The TAMHSS network has evolved initially from people who participated in TheMHS Conferences.

The purpose of the TAMHSS network is to provide an independent forum to increase and sustain the momentum for reform and to encourage the Australian community to participate in the transformation of the Australian mental health service system.

TAMHSS Actions & Activities across Australia

Membership fees to the TAMHSS Network are used for activities of TAMHSS and TAMHSS Network as well as for the administration costs necessary to promote and continue the objectives of this not-for-profit incorporated organisation:

•  Seeking and reporting news on the political process to achieve reform;

•  Suggesting actions that members can take individually or collectively;

•  Coordinating surveys to gather service information;

•  Commissioning papers and articles to advocate the case for reform;

•  Holding events to promote debate and to publicise the issues;

•  Issuing media releases and providing spokes-people;

•  Using public relations methods to place stories in the media

Communication is predominately electronic to enable active national participation and to keep cost as low as possible.


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