TAMHSS Annual Meeting August 2012

The next TAMHSS breakfast meeting will be held at TheMHS Conference, Cairns Convention Centre, Cairns, Queensland, at 7:45am on Friday 24th August 2012. This meeting is open to TAMHSS members and anyone who is interested in becoming part of a network of people who want to improve and reform mental health services in Australia. Get your Transformation Agent Badge when you join TAMHSS at this breakfast meeting.

TAMHSS Newsletter

We are delighted to release the third issue of the TAMHSS newsletter

The highlights of the issue are;

  • Editorial – Mental Health Reform: Is it really possible? Advocating for change in mental health
  • The annual TAMHSS Breakfast Meeting in Cairns
  • The 3 issues we are currently fighting for

We look forward to your feedback to ensure we are delivering a publication of relevance to you email us at admin@transformmentalhealth.com 

One size does NOT fit all

IHPA Pricing Framework: Dire Implications for Mental Health Services

The IHPA discussion paper drafts an activity-based framework for funding that has major implications for healthcare, especially for mental health.

This discussion paper from Combined National Mental Health Senior Professionals is a response to those proposals.

“..This framework is to form the basis of activity-based funding for all acute health care, including mental health. Despite the fact that the DRG (Diagnostic Related Group) system works very poorly in mental health, the framework proposes that acute mental health be funded by DRG regardless.

The IHPA appears to be determined to get a “one size fits all” solution and standardized formula out of the blocks and operating quickly now, even if it is rough and in the process of its application, disadvantages, or even dismantles, some services…

..If implemented, this pricing framework is likely to fragment mental health services, and to further disadvantage the funding of psycho-social and rehabilitation/recovery-oriented mental health services, by favouring funding of acute bio-medical interventions in emergency department and acute inpatient settings..”

Read full article: IHPA Pricing Framework MH response 2Apr12[1]


IHPA Draft Pricing Framework: Dire Implications for Mental Health Services
Response from Combined National Mental Health Senior Professionals
For TAMHSS: Transforming Australia’s Mental Health Service Systems
Contact: Alan Rosen, Roger Gurr & Pat McGorry
Updated: March 16, 2012


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