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Guest Blog – October 2018

Short Bio My name is Douglas Holmes, semi-retired, budding academic and researcher, I was born in Bellingen on the North coast of NSW in 1949. I have held several positions in the Consumer workforce including Consumer Participation Coordinator for three years in Great Murray at Albury, Executive Officer with NSW Consumer Advisory Group – Mental … Continue reading Guest Blog – October 2018


Another Inquiry

The economic implications of mental health are important but the many issues involved are also complex, holistic, human, about socially collective as well as individual problems , within a wider set of values. It is to be hoped that broad and comprehensive changes will come about.

Developmental Trauma Service Proposal

There is strongly emerging evidence that developmental trauma, otherwise known as Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is very prevalent. A national study in England in 2013 found that almost half the general population reported at least one adverse childhood event and over 8% reported four or more (Bellis et al, 2014b). Other studies consistently estimate around … Continue reading Developmental Trauma Service Proposal

23 Big Issues Report 2018 TheMHS

This report is being released at the 2018 Adelaide TheMHS Conference. It will include and acknowledge where progress has been made on each of these issues, however since this work was started we have discovered the 1974 Mental Patient Union report “Declaration of Intent” that had identified 24 similar issues (included at Appendix A) Although … Continue reading 23 Big Issues Report 2018 TheMHS

TAMHSS NATIONAL FORUM – Call for Agenda Items

TAMHSS National Forum We seek your ideas for the next TAMHSS National Forum to be held at TheMHS Annual Conference in August 2014 in Perth. The 2013 Forum topic was: The Shape of Mental Health Services, today and tomorrow.  Please send us your ideas for the topic and suggested speakers.    Email us at  or … Continue reading TAMHSS NATIONAL FORUM – Call for Agenda Items

TAMHSS in 2014

Following the TAMHSS 1st National Forum, held at TheMHS Annual Conference in 2013 the TAMHSS network is keen to push forward and to strive for more engagement across the Australian Mental Health sector in 2014. In 2014 the focus for TAMHSS will be to ensure the Human Rights of people living with a mental illness or disorder to … Continue reading TAMHSS in 2014


What a year 2012 has been! In a snapshot; * The launch of our quarterly newsletter providing an interesting read on current topics in mental health, the latest being an editorial on "Outcome Measures" * A successful annual members meeting was held in Cairns,  bringing about lots of food for thought and some great ideas from … Continue reading TAMHSS 2012