21-22 February 2013
We recommend TheMHS Summer Forum, registrations are now online

We recommend the Croakey blog (part of moderated by Melissa Sweet
Croakey – mental health topics

March 2010
We recommend the GetUp campaign which features the Australian of the Year for 2010, Professor Patrick McGorry.

GetUp Mental Health Campaign
Health Matters 

Download the Roundtable Discussion Paper “Mental Health Funding Methodologies”

Of your closest friends, family and colleagues, about 1 in 5 will suffer mental ill health this year — but most won’t discuss it, and most won’t receive treatment.

Mental ill health is the leading killer of Australians under 45, and the leading cause of disability in Australia.

The largest healthcare reform in decades is on the cards this year — but without our support, mental health may be forgotten.

Join Australian of the Year, Prof. Patrick McGorry in the call for mental health reform:
“I call on the governments of Australia to act urgently and effectively to reform mental healthcare in Australia so that:
– there is no longer inequality of access to effective treatments between physical health and mental health
– early intervention is the norm;
– community based treatments are the norm; and
– quality services are the norm”

Join GetUp Mental Health Campaign


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