Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise & MH Conference 21-22Nov11


An alternative employment approach 

Monday 21 – Tuesday 22 November 2011

Venue: Lecture Theatre, Building 103, (Uni of Tas), Callan Park, Lilyfield,

This is your chance to learn more about social enterprises and to help shape innovative social enterprises being established on the site of a former psychiatric hospital.

Gaining and maintaining satisfying paid work is one of the essential ingredients in social inclusion for people with lived experience of mental health problems.  This conference will explore the relationship between work, employment and mental health with a specific focus on social enterprises in the context of other current approaches to employment for people with mental health problems

The Callan Park Mental Health Alliance (CPMHA) is committed to developing social enterprises which will be based on the former Rozelle Hospital site in the inner west of Sydney.  Informed by current national and international examples, this conference will explore the place of different models of social enterprise against current evidence-based approaches to employment such as individual placement in open market employment for people with mental health problems. 

Uniquely, this conference not only focuses on social enterprises but is being set up and run using social enterprise ideas, with trainees from PRA’s Pre-Employ and TAFE Outreach being employed to organise and run the conference.

There will be speakers on the theory and practice of social enterprises and related social profit businesses and there will be opportunities within the 2-day program to discuss and develop ideas for practical application of social enterprises on the Callan Park site. 

The conference will be of interest to consumers (people with lived experience of mental health problems); carers (including family members); community organisations, including health, welfare, Lions, Rotary; government (state, federal) departments including Centrelink and Departments of Employment, Workforce Relations; Local Municipal Councils; local Chambers of Commerce; NGO and public mental health services. 

We are pleased to announce that Governor Marie Bashir will give a special address to delegates on the second day of the conference.   

This conference is being run by the Callan Park Mental Health Alliance, which is auspiced through MHCC and TAMHSS, with support from PRA’s Pre-Employ and TAFE Outreach’s PLACE program

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